Armed Forces Day Cross-Band Test 2023 (AFD 2023) results

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My regrets for not posting sooner.

AFD 2023 was a success. While operations on 40M were unsuccessful, we made 42 contacts on 20M. This includec working 21 states and 3 countries. They were the Canary Islands, Croatia and Slovenia. There were 2 other radio events operating that day. They were the Museum Ships On-The-Air and the Lewis and Clark Trail On-The-Air event. We worked 5 stations that were also participating in either of those events.

We didn’t have as much participation as we had hoped for. We did have an active-duty Chief come and operate with us. It was his first time on HF. He is responsible for most of the contacts we made on 20M. Kudos and well done to him.

We look forward to operating again next year for AFD 2024.

Eric, KB6YNO

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