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Greetings from the Coast Guard Island Amateur Radio Club (W6NMC/W2AIR/K4CG).

We hope to hear you on the air.

73 de Eric, KB6YNO

CGIARC President






10 thoughts on “Welcome to the new W6NMC home page”

  1. Dick Letrich says:

    Was looking at my W6NMC QSL Card today and noticed the email address for this site. Looks like a great deal of effort has gone into the new antenna! Great job. Still proud of having the first QSL you sent out from the club since I operated from NMC on top of Mt. San Bruno back in the mid 1995 and 1996 as a radioman striker. Wish I had taken some pictures of the great duty station and really nice radio mates. Who by the way almost all of them were active hams at the same time. 73….Dick,W6KM

    1. Eric Simmons says:

      Hi Dick,

      Sorry for the long over-due reply. You were at San Bruno 1995-1996? I suspect you were there prior to 75-76 since NMC moved to Pt. Reyes circa 1972. So, 55-56? 65-66? 😉

      Anyway, since the rating has changed, plus the Internet, ham radio isn’t as big a deal with CG communicators, unless they come from an older vintage.

      Hope all is well on your end!

      73 de Eric, KB6YNO
      Club President, CGIARC/W6NMC/W2AIR/K4CG

  2. Bob Bonville says:

    Good Morning and 73’s, de Bob Bonville here. RM2 USCG 1960-64, 1st district. Was interested to your group through Eric Simmons who is part of the Coast Guard Buddies Facebook group I administer.
    Green Valley, Az.

    1. Eric Simmons says:

      Hi Bob,

      Sorry for the overdue reply. Thanks for your note!

      Eric, KB6YNO

  3. PAUL JEGERSKI says:

    Nice looking station. I used to be stationed on Governors Island New York and hang out in the shack of W2AIR when I had to pull duty. We had a tribander ,2 meter SSB antenna, and 2m monoband. Radios were a icom all mode and some old boat anchors for hf.
    73 de WD9EPF

    1. Eric Simmons says:

      Hi Paul,

      Sorry for the overdue reply. When were you at GOVIS? Do you have any pictures of the station back then?

      Eric, KB6YNO

  4. KD6GT says:

    Is there a 2 mtr water hole when transiting the Bay Area? When traveling to the area of the Isle wouldn’t mind a QSO

    1. Eric Simmons says:


      Sorry for the overdue reply. It’s hard to say if there’s a “watering hole” for the Bay Area with the endless list of repeaters that are around.

      Give us a shout when you’re heading out and we’ll try to meet you on the air.

      73 de Eric, KB6YNO

  5. Mike Nason says:

    Hello. Enjoyed contacting NMC1 during the cross band test. I was on Government Island (Coast Guard Isl) for boot camp April 72-June 72. (Held over for about 10 days for a Coast Guard Band trip to Hawaii. Then off and 75-76 bouncing back and forth to USPHS San Francisco. Worked the landline TTY circuit when fit for light duty.
    Hope to here when the station is going to be on the air again.

    1. Eric Simmons says:


      Sorry. Havent logged into the website admin portal in a LONG time. After a long COVID hiatus, we are finally back in operation. We were on the air for FD 2022. We do plan on participating in AFD 2023. So, keep an eye out for the notice when it comes out from Army MARS.

      73 de Eric, KB6YNO

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